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Ka Group International "KGI" Translation Services offers professional translation and interpreting consultancy services for a wide range of industries and projects, including business, advertising, sales, marketing, human resources and in all technical areas. The KGI Translators have significant experience in translating and interpreting, and most of us have several areas of language expertise to offer the below translation services:


• Business Translations.


• Sales and marketing materials Translations.


• Human Resources Translations.


• Legal Translations.


• Technical and Medical Translations.


• Our translators create documents that speak directly to your target audience.


Using translators and linguists who translate into their native language, KGI can ensure that your documents are of the highest level of accuracy.


It may seem like an obvious requirement to have native linguists, but with some translation companies that is not the case. We know you have to trust who manages your translations. At KGI Language Services, we are proud to continually provide accurate translations.


Why KGI Translation Services?


Your translations should always be done by translators who demonstrate experience connected to your original document. A dedicated project manager, who is also a skilled linguist, will be assigned to your translation project. We will provide your translated document in exactly the same format that was given to us. This means that you will have an accurate translation for your immediate use.


Our experienced team ensures that you get the right translation for your audience. For example, if your translation is for teenagers, we will need to use colloquial phrasing and maybe even slang. Emphasis in these minute details can be the difference between a successful and a bad translation.

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