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Our management consulting services focus on the most critical issues and opportunities that our clients face: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, processing, digital, advanced analytics, mergers, acquisitions, press relations, and sustainable development in all sectors and geographical areas. We bring deep functional expertise, and are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across borders and between silos of any organization.


Are your competitors talking about your company in their board meetings? Do you guide your strategy by allocating resources well? Can each employee articulate your strategy, and are they qualified to execute it?


At KGI, we see strategy as much more than a map. Since our founding, our strategy has been at the heart of our business. We work with companies in all sectors to develop strategies that get results!


We see things that others miss, giving you more creative solutions that combine our profound geographical experience, intimate knowledge of the industry and a clear overview of how to create value in your business.


We work to strengthen your team’s sustainable capacity, and help your organization mobilize for change.


Developing potential is at the heart of what we have been doing at KGI since our inception. While long-term transformation can mean many things, we define it in the most literal sense: a cross functional effort to change a company’s financial, operational and strategic trajectory, with a stated goal of producing good consistent results.


We define our success by your results. We deeply care about our clients. We love our work and take pleasure in doing so.

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